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American Workers Rate Their Work Environments Poorly

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The Gallup organization continues to monitor the well-being of American workers and on April 8, 2010, released their latest findings indicating that workers continue to rate their work environments relatively poorly. The factor bringing the score down (from January 2008) is their dissatisfaction with the specific jobs they currently hold. The score given for “open and trusting work environment” remained essentially the same.

On the other hand, the Gallup Work Environment Index shows improvement in employees’ perception of their ability to use their strengths at work and their treatment by supervisors. The numbers for the most recent survey are based on telephone interviews with over 30,000 adults nationwide, and in the case of the Work Environment Index, they are all currently employed.

BEST PRACTICE TIP — One of the strongest drivers of employee well-being, and the leading cause of voluntary termination (“I Quit!) is the nature of the relationship between the supervisor and employee.  So a focus on how to help supervisors form better (more productive and rewarding) connections with those reporting to them is a critically important step.

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