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The Lonely Hearts Club Has Higher Blood Pressure

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At Engagient we are continuously impressed by the number of well-being related issues that stem from whether or not we have safe and secure attachments in our lives — including at work. Although blood pressure does not rank anywhere near the top of the list there was an interesting study in the March issue of Psychology and Aging that linked loneliness with higher blood pressure. Now the specific research around “loneliness” has shown correlations related to sleep, mental health, and thinking abilities. This particular research, looking at adults 50 and older, showed a general increase in blood pressure by all participants over the five-year span, but more so for those who’d been evaluated as “lonely” at the beginning of the study.

This all fits perfectly with research being done at the University of Virginia by the well-known cognitive neuroscientist, Jim Coan, PhD, whose research is demonstrating that we are only truly at our best when we are part of a greater whole, when we are connected to other human beings. The implications in business are enormous, which is why enabling higher levels of employee engagement is so effective in increasing an organization’s bottom line. We will continue to talk more about attachment theory in additional blog posts.

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