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Numbers Drive the Business

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I have been helping CEO’s build more capable, more engaged work places for more then 25yrs.  I may not have used “engaged” at the time – more likely the words would more be “inspiring,” “motivated,” “transparent….”

Engagement is now the more inclusive term because it best encompasses the range of conditions that contribute to a work place that allows and encourages an employee to freely offer their discretionary effort.

Throughout my experience with business leaders I have witnessed the relentless (and appropriate) focus on the “numbers”.  Revenue, expenses, profits, productivity, EBIDA, general ledger, etc.  Obviously, a well run enterprise needs to keep a close eye on the financial indications.  Yet in most organizations there is a tacit recognition that…

People Drive the Numbers

Research on engagement shows a very strong correlation between engagement and business indicators such as share holder value, profitability, and overall performance, among others.  So this shifts us to a focus on people, the employees that come to work every day and the conditions that govern their behavior. So when you continue to dig deeper into the reasons why people perform the way they do, you soon realize that…

Behaviors Drive the People

And now we get to the solid rock foundation for what we need to focus on if we really want clarity on what drives employee engagement – emotion.  A growing body of research in a broad range of scientific fields demonstrates that much (some say all) of human behavior is driven by emotional need.  So now we understand that, to a large extent…

Emotion Drives Behavior

Which leave us needing a much better understanding of what guides and elicits emotion.  Those that advocate a view that emotion is intractable, irrational, and basically unsafe or unwise to explore will never gain the valuable and strategic insights science has given us.  More on what drives emotion in another blog post to come.  Stay tuned.

BEST PRACTICE TIP — The relentless focus on “numbers” ironically suppresses them, primarily because the senior leadership team (or perhaps just the CEO) can’t lead past the numbers.  Ignoring or minimizing the human realities of the workplace obscures the proven drivers of employee performance — and that translates into lost productivity, lower levels of employee satisfaction, and a much less impressive customer experience (less passion and loyalty).  Get some help understanding what really drives excellence in workplace behavior — and recognize is has little to do with salary & benefits and more to do with real engagement.

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