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Size Doesn’t Matter

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I recently was in Atlanta on business and a colleague asked me to speak to his Rotary Club on employee engagement.  I worried about the audience, knowing that smaller companies (a typical member profile for Rotary) would be less focused on engagement issues.  In general, there is a clear trend of higher employee engagement levels in smaller firms.

I thought they would be uninspired by the topic, feeling more familiar and more connected to their staff. Their response surprised me – it was identical to what I generally hear from larger company CEO’s I work with more regularly.  Three points were made consistently in the conversations that followed my talk.

  1. They can easily identify those employees that are actively engaged and they knew intuitively that they were better performers.
  2. They had no idea that you can increase engagement using proven techniques that work universally, and
  3. They had no idea you could measure the drivers for the human behaviors that build engagement.

I also have to say I was very impressed with the accomplishments of this Rotary Club.  I was unaware of how much they do for those in need both in their community and around the world.  I couldn’t help thinking about how engaged all the members must be to get so much done with volunteers!

BEST PRACTICE TIP — Even small companies can benefit from measuring Employee Engagement, if only as a trigger for establishing a focus on the issue internally.  Don’t use a small number of employees as an excuse to ignore the exploration of new ways to create sustainable improvement.

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