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“We Believe it’s Relationships”

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The Washington Post interviewed former Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs about his amazing success in running his business operations at Joe Gibbs Racing. According to the Post article, Gibbs has had remarkably little turnover among the corporate sponsors that pay the bills in the 19 years since he started his NASCAR team. The article points out that Gibbs has rewarded his backers handsomely, collecting three championships (2000, 2002 and 2005) and more than $190 million in winnings – reaching the elite ranks within NASCAR.

Quoting Gibbs, “A lot of people will say in the business world, ‘Hey, its business!’ But he has a different take on what lies behind his success. “We believe its relationships.”

Of course, at Engagient we could not agree more.  Most of the really important accomplishments in business are the results of effective relationships.  And to put a finer point on it – the vital role of emotional connection. Great CEO’s, like great coaches, understand the so-called “soft stuff” drives real business value.

And now we know how to measure the key drivers that lead to better relationships and higher levels of employee engagement.  Imagine being able to actually measure the quality of relationships throughout the organization.  It offers every CEO and senior leader an opportunity to more strategically align their company around proven drivers of high performance and employee well-being.

This is just one more example of how truly great leaders understand that great organizations begin with great relationships.  But there is very little out there in the business literature that lays out how to make that happen.  “Relationships”  seems to some to be too “soft” in the hard knocks world of business to strategic or even — actionable.  The good news is we know a lot about the need for human beings to connect with one another, and the field of attachment theory offers significant insights to savvy business leaders.

BEST PRACTICE: To learn more, check out our High Performance Culture Assessment tool and check out additional posts in the Attachment Theory category.

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