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When it comes to Best Practices related to Recognition and Rewards, there are several key points to keep in mind:

1) Employees love financial rewards, but the research shows they appreciate the non-monetary rewards even more.

  • Best Practice – combine the two by including a hand written note of appreciation along with the check or gift certificate you give them for a job well done.

2) There are ways to give money away for free.

  • Best Practice – several CEO’s told us recently how they pay many of their bills via credit card and use the points accumulated to get 10-20 $50 gift cards every month. They then hand those out to the high achievers (preferably wit a hand written note…), giving a reward at no cost.

3) Everyone needs to be seen, validated, and recognized a lot more frequently than most supervisors and managers can provide. This is a hardwired need for every human being and should not be mistaken with the notion that employs need to be “coddled.”

  • Best Practice – coach managers and supervisors to be thoughtful and aware as they make their rounds and not to be afraid to point out a job well done.

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