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Real Life Heroes – Engaged People Who Make a Difference

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Engagient felt it important to recognize real people who DEMONSTRATE…by their behaviour…how engaged people make a measurable difference to their organization and their customers every day. Therefore, we decided to add a new category to our blog to honor truly inspiring examples of employee engagement taking place everywhere – and we hope you too will send us your stories of those making things better for you and/or your organization.

We decided to kick this off with our own story of an Engaged Hero in the Philadelphia area.

One of our executives woke up on a cold January morning with dread, anticipating the 3-6 inches of snow that had been predicted to fall overnight.  To his dismay, his worst fears were realized after throwing open the curtains open at 6 AM. Sure enough the world was now VERY white. Groaning at the reality of the prospect of cleaning a mountain of snow off his rental car while dressed in a suit and tie, he looked out the window towards his outdoor parking spot to assess the damage. To his amazement his car was already ready to go – snow free on all windows and with the wipers pulled up. At first he thought, “Wow, I feel sorry for whoever cleared it off only to discover it wasn’t their car!”

But then he noticed something pretty remarkable.  All the cars parked near his were also clear as two men, bundled against the wind and cold, were moving from car to car, carefully brushing off all the snow!  He wondered, “What poor employee got that assignment?”  and figured it was someone on the building maintenance staff.  When checking out shortly thereafter, he asked the desk clerk “who got that tough job?”  because he wanted to thank them personally.

His response?  “Oh, it was the General Manager and the Head of Sales,” came the reply.  Our excutive was shocked!  And Impressed.  So he proceeded to ask to meet these people.  A few moments later, Hotel GM Joseph Piscitello emerged (Greg Stevens, the Head of Sales was now busy attending to some other hotel guests).  Joe’s picture was taken to commemorate this real life example where a Moment of Engagement Truth made a positive difference to hotel guests on that cold, snowy morning.

Joseph, congratulations…and sincere thanks…for providing the foundational inspiration for this new category.  We look forward to highlighting many more such examples in the future.

Joseph Piscitello, GM of the Bensalem Courtyard Marriott

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