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Employee Engagement Tip Sheet — Don Rheem’s Intro for January 2011 Issue

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A Message from Don Rheem

We tell our clients “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” as a way of highlighting all the benefits of getting real data about where and why employee engagement is harming (or helping) the enterprise.

No one makes the argument for measuring workplace performance better than Dr. Dean Spritzer in his book Transforming Performance Measurement. We offer a brief introduction to his book here. One of the most important benefits has nothing to do with the data itself. Something even more important lies just below the surface…

We loved the New Yorker cartoon on the left for a number of reasons.  First, many CEO’s are frustrated in their quest to find more effective ways to lead their organizations — whether they are on the road or in their office.  It just isn’t practical for the CEO, as one individual, to be the sole pilot of the enterprise.  That’s the old (didn’t work well) view of leadership.

A newer, more enlightened (and more effective) style of leadership provides direction and motivation through a shared sense of social identity and connection employees feel regarding their employer. This felt connection might be with the brand, the mission, the product or service, or even the demonstrated track record in corporate social responsibility (or any/all of the above).

For employees who find meaning and purpose in what they do at work, this is an easy task.  But if the average worker arrives daily in search of no more than a pay check, it’s a steeper climb.

Our goal is to make your path to creating a high performance culture a lot easier.  Not just with a endless stream of tactics — but with a clear, coherent, empirically validated theory of creating employee engagement.

Why are you receiving this newsletter? You might be a client or a Vistage member  who attended our Employee Engagement or Cutting Edge Communication Tips for Corporate Leaders workshops, or you may be one of the many colleagues and professionals connected to our team at Engagient. We hope to keep you in our family of dedicated professionals looking for proven ways to create a healthier, more satisfying, more productive workplace.

Cheers, Don and the entire Engagient Team

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The following comments are for Engagient's Employee Engagement Seminar for Managers

We needed to communicate the value of fully engaged employees to our managers and supervisors, and without a doubt, Engagient’s seminar on Employee Engagement clearly told the story. Our entire management staff now understands the value to our business in having a fully engaged workforce. Engagient made sure we had the necessary tools to move forward and we now believe this will help us differentiate ourselves against our competitors.

Don’s delivery is exceptionally engaging, straight forward, and in my experience one of the best facilitators/presenters I’ve worked with. Our junior and mid-level managers were engaged the entire day and they are definitely now on-board with our new initiative. He did an exceptional job in framing the issues, and he was able to link it closely with our company’s core values on this topic.

--Dave Maresca
VP, Administration & Business Development
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