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Employee Engagement Tip Sheet — Our Goal

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We decided to offer our bi-monthly Employee Engagement Tip Sheet in response to clients who wanted a regular stream of tips and information on how to create a High Performance Culture where employees are happier and more engaged in their work.

Our Goal — to use science and proven on-the-job experience to help you benefit from the discretionary effort that each employee brings to work every day. Actively engaged employees are up to 300% more productive than the “actively disengaged” employees that manage to find a home in all organizations.

Here is our promise — to provide you with empirically validated, real world, truly actionable advice to help you create a work environment where employees:

* Are more productive
* Find Meaning & Purpose in what they do at work
* Will stay longer, with a more positive attitude
* Make great mentors and buzz generators for your brand
* Arrive every day looking like proactive problem solvers
* Find reward in what they do well beyond a paycheck

So if you are currently a subscriber, many thanks for joining our family, you have made the right choice for improving your ability to create a high performance culture in your organization.  If you are not yet a subscriber, all you have to do is enter your name over on the right and check the Employee Engagement Tip Sheet option.  Welcome!

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One Response to “Employee Engagement Tip Sheet — Our Goal”

  1. danya casey Says:

    Eager to learn more about the employee engagement tips.

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Engagient has a unique ability to tap into the intellectual process in understanding why and how you fully engage employees.

What we learned now serves as the foundation of many meaningful discussions around fully engaging our employees in achieving our mission and vision. It has also given us a common language that everyone can relate to and use across our entire organization.

The Engagient team is the best.

--Clayton Fitzhugh, CEO
Catholic Health East
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