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What Does Engagement Look Like?

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I met with a group of CEO’s in Philadelphia on Friday and I asked them what an engaged employee “looks like.” This was before I began my workshop on the issue so they brought their own “raw” impressions to the discussion.  Here’s what they said…

  • good attitude
  • they solve problems
  • proactive
  • take more care in their actions
  • energetic
  • more pride
  • team players
  • appreciate what the company does for them
  • more trusting
  • more flexible and open

At Engagient, we also have a few items to add to this list based on what we see with our clients and what the research tells us.  Engaged employees…

  • act like owners
  • are more adaptable to change
  • are less focused on salary
  • make better mentors (especially important when they work for new hires)
  • are more accountable

I am going to keep adding to both lists, so be sure to check back for new listings!

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Don Rheem’s presentation on Employee Engagement gets underneath the real “whys” on the behavior of discretionary effort. I found his examples to be relative and understandable. I see how our leaders are making better connections with the hearts of our people, so everyone better understands the goals of the enterprise.

--Peter Rittenhouse, Director of Supply Chain
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