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What are the Benefits of Measuring Performance?

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We have a number of important books and articles to share with you that promise to give you a significant leg-up on understanding employee engagement.  The book I want to tell you about here, Transforming Performance Management: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success, by Dean R. Spritzer, is a clear testament for the significant benefits gained by measuring performance. The first chapter alone is worth the price of the book — Spritzer runs through the wide range of critical business issues that are addressed when organizations make a concerted effort to measure what matters most.

Measuring key business functions motivates and directs behavior in addition to focusing attention where it’s needed most. It provides the basis for goal setting, clarifies expectations, increases understanding & alignment, and promotes consistency and objectivity.

As if that were not enough, Spritzer points out, it provides early warning signals and enables prediction along with improving both problem-solving and decision-making in addition to facilitating feedback. Measuring also makes performance more visible, enables accountability and improves execution.

At Engagient, we know that the simple act of measuring employee engagement, when it includes a transparent reporting of the results to participants (employees), actually pulls the trigger on the starter pistol for engagement transformation. The key factor here is not in the act of measuring and collecting data (although this has clear benefits), it is in the focused attention, the drive toward a higher goal, the work-group meetings, vocabulary and mindshare it captures in the organization.

In short, the organization will move toward what is measured.  It isn’t simply a reporting tool to add to the corporate dashboard, it becomes a center of gravity within the corporate constellation of divisions, locations, product groups, titles and positions, pulling the full depth and breadth of the organization toward a few strategically aligned objectives that deliver not just better business performance, but a better, healthier, and more meaningful work environment that delivers sustainable increases in employee engagement.

This is, of course, why Engagient offers clients a High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) tool so they can both measure employee engagement and to create a new sense of urgency and energy around key drivers of human behavior in the workplace.

So pick up the book and add your own comments about what you discover.

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The following comments are for Engagient's Employee Engagement Seminar for Managers

We needed to communicate the value of fully engaged employees to our managers and supervisors, and without a doubt, Engagient’s seminar on Employee Engagement clearly told the story. Our entire management staff now understands the value to our business in having a fully engaged workforce. Engagient made sure we had the necessary tools to move forward and we now believe this will help us differentiate ourselves against our competitors.

Don’s delivery is exceptionally engaging, straight forward, and in my experience one of the best facilitators/presenters I’ve worked with. Our junior and mid-level managers were engaged the entire day and they are definitely now on-board with our new initiative. He did an exceptional job in framing the issues, and he was able to link it closely with our company’s core values on this topic.

--Dave Maresca
VP, Administration & Business Development
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