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Help Your Managers SHINE with A New Great Read…

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We are anxious to let you know about a great new book targeted at managers, Shine by Edward Hallowell.  Dr, Hallowell is a prolific writer on the subject of brain science, and in just 182 pages he leads managers into a deeper understanding of how our neurological hard-wiring can be linked to a better and more productive workplace.  Managers need deeper insights into the human experience at work, and Dr. Hallowell delivers the goods.

I learned that all people want to work hard and will work hard,” he says, “given the right job and the right conditions, because it feels supremely good to excel.

He offers a five step process, the Cycle of Excellence,

1. Select the right person for the right job
2. Connect people to each other and their mission in the company
3. Play – activity at work where employees can use their imagination and enjoy what they do
4. Grapple and Grow – people love to work and master a task
5. Shine, the way employees feel and perform when they are recognized for work they love doing

One of my favorite lines, “Unless managers realize how crucial it is to create an emotionally stable, connected environment in the midst of the maelstrom of modern business life, they will — and do — sacrifice performance in the name of speed, cost cutting, efficiency, and what they perceive to be necessity.

You can pick the book up here on Amazon.


  To get your own copy,
  just click this link.

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