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Life is a Conversation

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Jan G. van der Hoop, President of HiringSmart™ — our go-to partner for help on how to hire more effectively, will be contributing to this blog on Fridays.  You can reach him directly at 905-338-7961 or

It has been said that everything we see and experience is the result of a conversation, be it an internal one we are having with ourselves, or one we are engaging in with others.Conversations have the power to motivate, elevate, expand, inspire, energize, and stimulate the imagination with new, previously unseen possibility. They also have the power to hurt, constrict, limit potential and shut down possibility.Which are you perpetuating, for yourself and others?

The Coach’s Tip – It all begins with the Word.

  • Notice your language, the positions you take and the things you talk about. Are they contributing to an upward spiral, or a downward one?
  • Which internal conversations would benefit from a make-over?
  • Who around you is engaged in a downward conversation? What shifts do you see as possible for them – and how might you support those shifts?


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The following comments are for Engagient's Employee Engagement Seminar for Managers

We needed to communicate the value of fully engaged employees to our managers and supervisors, and without a doubt, Engagient’s seminar on Employee Engagement clearly told the story. Our entire management staff now understands the value to our business in having a fully engaged workforce. Engagient made sure we had the necessary tools to move forward and we now believe this will help us differentiate ourselves against our competitors.

Don’s delivery is exceptionally engaging, straight forward, and in my experience one of the best facilitators/presenters I’ve worked with. Our junior and mid-level managers were engaged the entire day and they are definitely now on-board with our new initiative. He did an exceptional job in framing the issues, and he was able to link it closely with our company’s core values on this topic.

--Dave Maresca
VP, Administration & Business Development
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