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HiringSmart’s Three Bold Ideas (Part 2)

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Jan G. van der Hoop, President of HiringSmart™ — our go-to partner for help on how to hire more effectively, will be contributing to this blog on Fridays.  You can reach him directly at 905-338-7961 or

Continuing our discussion from last Friday’s blog on HiringSmart’s three bold ideas that will set the foundation of your success for the next few years, here is a recap:

  1. If the fit’s not right… nothing else matters (see blog post on 10/7/11).
  2. Measure what Matters.
  3. The Birds of a Feather theory is alive and well.


We are fans of Jac Fitz-enz, Lou Adler, and others who are actively challenging organizations to bring a different rigour and approach to the metrics that are currently being applied to the people side of business. Jac has referred to them (a little unkindly, but we get the point) as ‘kindergarten metrics’ because they tend to measure numbers of employees, days in process and dollars – possibly providing a measure of the efficiency of the HR machine, but offering little or nothing in the way of strategic impact to the enterprise.

For some reason, through all the TQM initiatives of the last few decades, HR seems with few exceptions to have been granted immunity from solid metrics that carry meaningful accountability for quality, process improvement, or business impact. There is an absence of process controls and feedback loops that provide timely information to tighten up and improve the process, the way there is in any LEAN system (unless of course you are a HiringSmart client).

The fact is, as we look around us at the declining health of organizations (lowest levels of engagement, retention, organizational depth, and so on) we have no choice but to conclude that the process by which organizations have been matching talent with opportunity is badly broken… and that when it comes to our people, we’ve been measuring the wrong things.

Visit Engagient’s website next week for my final installment on HiringSmart’s bold ideas!

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