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Engaging new employees before they even start!

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If you are looking for some new ideas for your new employee’s “welcome” pack, here are a few ideas to make their transition to your organization a little easier and that will foster higher levels of employee engagement.

  • Your cover letter should include language such as “we are very pleased to have you join the XYZ family. We know our most important asset is the talent and dedication our employees bring to work every day…” “…we have a proud tradition…” “we live every day by our core values, including value1, value2, and value3…”
  • When you have a lot of material that looks “too cluttered”, you don’t have to toss it out. One solution is to make it overt in your description, such as “We know there is a lot of material here, but you don’t need to memorize it overnight (or ever)!”
  • Additionally, if you include a list of the contents (which also increases a felt sense of order to the recipient), don’t just list them by title — include a sentence or two for each item on why it is important to the employee. This added context will significantly increase the chances they will actually read and understand some of the material.
  • The hiring process is typically flawed in most organizations and that “on-boarding” discussion is too deep for comment here. I will say this — the key issue for long term success of a candidate is not their capabilities (resume, experience), but “fit” within the organization. If you are not assessing for fit, you are not using science in your hiring process.
  • Once they are hired, give them a mentor (never  a supervisor) to provide them with a sounding board and a safe source for information, culture tips, and behavioral norms.

Best Practice Tip:  The hiring process can have a lasting impact on a new employee.  It is an early frame on how the company operates and feels.  Give it the attention it deserves.

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