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How to Ruin Your Employee Engagement Survey Process

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I was recently asked, “What’s the worst thing you can do when orchestrating an employee engagement survey process? What’s the biggest employee engagement mistake?”

The following would top my list as the worst mistakes…

  1. Ask too many questions (employees lose interest — and accuracy — after about 30 questions)
  2. Failing to debrief employees about the result of the assessment.  This lack of transparency about outcomes breeds cynicism and employees always assume the scores were so bad the organization is afraid to release them.
  3. Failing to develop an Action Plan to tackle some of the issues identified by employees.
  4. Measuring the wrong thing (like employee satisfaction, questions about pay).
  5. Neglecting to ask a few open ended questions to get the level of nuance and detail that can really inform senior leadership.

BEST PRACTICES TIP:  Rolling out an employee engagement survey is just the first step in the process.  What you do after the results are in is the most critical part of the process.

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