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Ten Laws of Employee Engagement – Law #1

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Employees arrive at work every workday with discretionary effort that they can only
volunteer – no employer can squeeze or force it out of them. Getting that
discretionary effort from  them  has been  shown to deliver double-digit
increases in productivity and profitability, along with significant improvements
in other key business value indicators. The key secret to improving employee
engagement is understanding what triggers the release of discretionary effort.

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After several years of administering an employee satisfaction survey, our company decided to partner with Engagient to measure employee engagement, which are two very different dynamics. Engagient’s processes are clear, direct, thorough and highly effective in gaining insight into how engaged our employees were, at every level.

The high degree of professionalism exhibited by Engagient’s consultants and their depth of knowledge and understanding of employee engagement is unsurpassed. As a result of our employee engagement survey, we have begun taking measures to re-engage our employees at every level of the organization.

--Claudia H. Snyder, Director of Human Resources
Thomco Insurance
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