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Ten Laws of Employee Engagement – Law #7

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People have a much more common “operating system” than most leadership teams realize. Recent research in the field of neuroscience has given us radically new insights into human behavior. Common needs drive our behavior, and the more leadership focuses on those needs, the closer they will be to understanding the drivers of employee engagement. The brain is very efficient and very focused, leaving no space or energy for pointless or chaotic behavior. All human behavor makes sense in context, and if we see actions we don’t understand, leadership should demonstrate more on the side of curiosity than of incredulity or admonishment. The behavior that leadership should be most focused on is the discretionary effort each employee brings to work every day, which he or she can only volunteer.

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We have used over a dozen top-notch speakers, and Don has received the highest feedback scores of any of them.

What people get out of Engagient is unique, timely, scientific, and pragmatic. It's not the same old motivational or touchy-feely content – it makes you sit up and say "Wow I need to DO these things!"

I especially appreciate his desire to work within the thematic context of our meetings - it never feels like he is just dropping a cookie-cutter speech into a meeting - he wants it to be a great fit.

--George Hines, Co-Founder
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