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Ten Laws of Employee Engagement – Bonus Law #11

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Here is one thing none of your competitors have – your staff. More specifically, how your staff performs, be it in establishing memorable customer relationships or in volunteering the levels of discretionary effort that deliver business value across the enterprise in a way that creates distinguishing competitive advantage. There may be a half?dozen companies in a 200?mile radius with similar products or service offerings, but you know that NONE of them share your staff.  Increasing the level of employee engagement is like employing a stealth weapon against your competitors. They won’t see it coming, they won’t know exactly what you’ve done, but they will feel the pain as they lose customers and market share. Clueless, they will scramble, using all the old tools (cutting staff and expenses) while their numbers continue to decline.

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We have used over a dozen top-notch speakers, and Don has received the highest feedback scores of any of them.

What people get out of Engagient is unique, timely, scientific, and pragmatic. It's not the same old motivational or touchy-feely content – it makes you sit up and say "Wow I need to DO these things!"

I especially appreciate his desire to work within the thematic context of our meetings - it never feels like he is just dropping a cookie-cutter speech into a meeting - he wants it to be a great fit.

--George Hines, Co-Founder
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