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The Value of Trusted Relationships in the Workplace

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Obviously, there is a lot we still have to discover regarding the mysteries of the brain. But there are also some very clear insights that have begun to emerge regarding what underlies human behavior. Research at the University of Virginia under the brilliant eye of cognitive neuroscientist James Coan, PhD, tells us a lot about our need for relationships we can count on in good times and bad. He explains how we evolved in a “social ecology,” in groups that enhanced our survival and how we can now measure the benefits of safe and secure attachments. Employees with trusted relationships at work, for example, have shown much higher levels of workplace engagement. At Engagient, we focus on three foundational emotional needs: safety (physical and emotional), safe and secure attachments, and the need for meaning or purpose.

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Don Rheem was one of the best presenters any of us had ever encountered.

I began to see positive changes within a short time as we started implementing Engagient’s best practices.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and several colleagues expressed a desire to bring him in to work with their organizations.

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