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Elizabeth D – Executive Director – Info & Referral Svc

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I began to see positive changes within a short time as we started implementing Engagient’s best practices.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and several colleagues expressed a desire to bring Engagient in to work with their organizations.

Elizabeth D
Executive Director
Information & Referral Service

Here are a few of the comments received from FLAIRS meeting attendees:

  • Love this topic, really want to hear more!
  • Presenter did an excellent job, more time would have been great.
  • Mind blowing.
  • Excellent workshop so many tools.
  • This is phenomenal information & not enough time to cover in 3 hours. Should be one full-day session.
  • Don is outstanding!
  • Excellent workshop; very informative.
  • Mr. Rheem was very informative.
  • Very good workshop.
  • Great job – high energy – perfect pace.
  • Every manager should take this workshop.
  • Left wanting more – could possibly be a whole day
  • Could have been all day – excellent!
  • Very new ideas; very exciting to think about implementation.
  • Awesome job; great investment of my time.
  • Excellent, engaging presenter. Practical material I can use in my jbo with my staff and my supervisor.
  • Excellent workshop. This info will really impact our organization.
  • Love it – Great job.
  • Would like slides included in handouts.
  • Extremely entertaining/insightful.
  • Very Good!
  • Great I would attend another one.
  • I would highly recommend Don to be a presenter at FLAIRS & AIRS. He is truly knowledgeable & understands what our needs are.
  • The workshop is very helpful for me. I learned different new techniques on how to engage my staff.
  • Presenter was well-read, used research – made the information to the real world & had a great sense of humor.
  • Could have spent all day in this workshop!
  • Would love to have him present at our staff retreat.
  • Great workshop! Left wanting more! Humor, great insight & fantastic presentation with group participation – love it; thank you!
  • This session was one of the best I have been to yet (years)! Great presenter!
  • Very Good! Excellent program.
  • Need all day!
  • Very informative & interesting workshop.
  • Received concrete techniques & theory.
  • Excellent workshop.
  • I truly enjoyed the concept & pace of this workshop.
  • Very helpful for future direction for my team.

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The following comments are for Engagient's Employee Engagement Seminar for Managers

We needed to communicate the value of fully engaged employees to our managers and supervisors, and without a doubt, Engagient’s seminar on Employee Engagement clearly told the story. Our entire management staff now understands the value to our business in having a fully engaged workforce. Engagient made sure we had the necessary tools to move forward and we now believe this will help us differentiate ourselves against our competitors.

Don’s delivery is exceptionally engaging, straight forward, and in my experience one of the best facilitators/presenters I’ve worked with. Our junior and mid-level managers were engaged the entire day and they are definitely now on-board with our new initiative. He did an exceptional job in framing the issues, and he was able to link it closely with our company’s core values on this topic.

--Dave Maresca
VP, Administration & Business Development
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