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Executives and managers are under unprecedented pressure to produce improved results during the most difficult economic conditions in recent memory.

However, research has now revealed that 25% of all human capital expenditures are wasted! According to Gallup Corporation, the cost of this in 2008 was $300B in North America alone. Yet despite this, senior leaders simply do not have access to the prioritized data necessary to address the root causes of this problem.

In the absence of reliable input and yet under relentless pressure to improve results, too many leaders launch well intended initiatives that don’t address the root cause of these productivity losses.
Little wonder then, that 70% of these improvement initiatives fail!

Engagient’s High Performance Culture Assessment© is a powerful diagnostic tool that measures the status of the core Success Drivers…those that are research-proven as the essential foundation for creating sustained exceptional results in the world’s best performing organizations.

The output of the HPCA is reliable, pragmatic and actionable information based on direct, unfiltered feedback from all employees at every level of your organization.  By identifying and prioritizing the proven causal drivers, Engagient can then work effectively with the leadership team in setting clear priorities for improvement.

If you believe what both research and practical experience have shown, namely that…

  • Great companies get exceptional results by developing highly engaged employees…and
  • Engaged employees are the primary component in creating customer loyalty…and
  • Employee engagement begins by having great leadership in the organization…and
  • You want to build a high performance culture that continuously improves leadership at ALL levels of your organization*…then

Engagient are the folks you should be talking to and working with.

*Level V Leadership as defined by Jim Collins in “Good To Great”

Our Philosophy

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We have used over a dozen top-notch speakers, and Don has received the highest feedback scores of any of them.

What people get out of Engagient is unique, timely, scientific, and pragmatic. It's not the same old motivational or touchy-feely content – it makes you sit up and say "Wow I need to DO these things!"

I especially appreciate his desire to work within the thematic context of our meetings - it never feels like he is just dropping a cookie-cutter speech into a meeting - he wants it to be a great fit.

--George Hines, Co-Founder
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