Case Studies

Case Study

Employee Engagement Assessment

Challenge: A Global IBM Partner, was facing significant internal stress resulting from a decade of double digit growth and international expansion.

Solution: Engagient’s High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) was deployed yielding a 95% participation rate. With a statistically reliable report card of outlining specific areas of improvement, the senior leadership team was able improve each workgroup in every location.

Results: Subsequent HPCA measurements showed the impact of a more focused effort/resource alignment with specific KPI’s…had improved across the company.

Case Study

Senior Leader Team Skill Development

Challenge: The CEO of a large educational loan services firm wanted to improve the quality of presentations to internal staff and customers.

Solution: Personalized presentation training workshops were conducted for all senior managers in the company. The workshops included: critical tips on the role of body language, clothing, personal style, and insight from the fields of adult learning and human memory research, the eight deadly mistakes made by users of PowerPoint.

Results: This assignment ran for several years until most senior leadership was able to attend. Several managers within the organization requested additional programs for their mid-level staff.

Case Study

Cultural Integration & Team Building

Challenge: An international telecommunications firm wanted to provide an educational and fun daylong program for senior sales managers gathered together from around the world for an annual meeting.

Solution: A member of Engagient’s leadership team assembled a daylong program, appropriate for a multicultural, international audience designed to provide both a common vocabulary and outlook on how to connect and engage with audiences worldwide.

Results: Participants rated the program as the best training of the entire weeklong program and returned to their respective countries to pass on valuable new communication skills.

Case Study

Employee Engagement Assessment & Coaching

Challenge: A North American hot tub distributor/retailer’s service reputation was suffering due to low morale, inadequate post-sales follow-up, poor internal communication and a lack of inter-department cooperation.

Solution: The CEO decided to implement Engagient’s High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) which provided a prioritized list of the specific causal behavior drivers underlying the symptoms. We developed and implemented a leadership training & coaching model where managers were taught “how to fish”…shortening the ramp to self-reliance.

Results: The CEO received positive feedback from the staff, has witnessed a significant increase in the cooperation level between teams and departments. The company has achieved a 30% increase in sales over 2009 sales figures.

Case Study

Presentation Training

Challenge: A Venture Capital firm wanted to give their portfolio companies an “edge” over the competition by offering media and presentation training.

Solution: A Principal of Engagient delivered several workshops with groups of the firm’s portfolio CEO’s to assist their preparation for analyst briefings and “road-show” PowerPoint presentations.

Results: The presentation training enhanced the skills of the participants and was well received. Several individual presentations were significantly revised based on our counsel.

Case Study

Corporate Retreat

Challenge: An international hotel services company wanted a customized program for its annual employee retreat that was both entertaining and educational.

Solution An Engagient principal worked closely with the firm’s founder to develop a series of role-playing scenarios to explore and push employee’s communication skills in the sales and customer-relations areas.

Results: The international team gained valuable new communication skills via interactive team building exercises that helped integrate the various cultures and backgrounds represented.

Case Study

Employee Engagement Assessment

Challenge: A major CARICOM (Caribbean Common Market) government was experiencing great difficulty transitioning to a new enterprise IT system due to a contentious union labor environment.

Solution: Engagient implemented a High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) to uncover the causal behavior drivers underlying the stiff resistance being encountered. Concerns were high that a statistically valid majority response would be difficult or impossible to achieve…due to the distrust between staff and leaders.

Results: With 75% of all staff participating in the survey, Engagient leadership was able to provide the leaders of this agency with many actionable insights and next steps to improve this transition.

Case Study

Employee Engagement Assessment

Challenge: An IT services firm located in the Caribbean needed to restore profitability in their Technical Services Division.

Solution: Engagient’s High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) was administered to identify the leveraged performance drivers requiring immediate attention. These insights were used to form a comprehensive and fully integrated response…rolled out over 3 years across every location for all leaders and staff.

Results: The Technical Services Division turned a profit and within several years, the profitability was doubled.

Case Study

Employee Engagement Assessment

Challenge: A large multi-office insurance company troubled by decreasing margins, increasing competition and low employee morale. Employee survey work completed in the past was not fully integrated with sustainable change.

Solution: Engagient’s High Performance Culture Assessment (HPCA) was implemented with 92% participation company-wide. Engagient’s leadership provided senior-level leaders with a thorough debrief of the actual company culture.

Results: The planning team off-site was more productive with a higher degree of cooperation between the team members.

Case Studies

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Don Rheem’s presentation on Employee Engagement gets underneath the real “whys” on the behavior of discretionary effort. I found his examples to be relative and understandable. I see how our leaders are making better connections with the hearts of our people, so everyone better understands the goals of the enterprise.

--Peter Rittenhouse, Director of Supply Chain
Nestle Waters
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