Module Topic: Communication Skills for the Workplace
Suggested Timeframe: 4- Hours
Suggested Number of Participants: 10-12

Whether it is a challenging sales call, an employee review, or a formal presentation for a large audience or public gathering – the communication skills we use can make the difference between a successful or disastrous encounter. Powerful new techniques for becoming a more convincing, persuasive, and powerful communicator have recently emerged from the adult learning and human memory fields. Learn the best new techniques for becoming a better communicator – even to an audience of one. You’ve seen our clients on every major news program in the country, from Larry King to network news, from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times. Find out why our audiences say it is the most valuable learning experience they have ever received. Why? Because this presentation is interactive, fun, and packed with immediately useful tips on how to be a more persuasive and impressive communicator.

What Will We Learn?

  • How to pre-analyze your audience
  • How to organize your presentation
  • How to engage and connect with the audience at an emotional level
  • How to control the question and answer period
  • How to respond to technical problems

Module Topic: Workplace Communication Best Practices
Suggested Timeframe: 3-4 Hours
Suggested Number of Participants: 10-12

Designed as a follow-on to the Communications Skills Workshop, this program takes the newly acquired communication skills and uses role playing and small group breakouts to develop a list of Communication Best Practices for the company, division, or workgroup involved. This step is critical for long-term retention and daily practice of the skills. This is where the participants integrate better techniques/skills in to new behavioral norms and values that are essential to creating sustained change in the organization. Most training programs have little long-term impact due to this missing step in the skills building process. Efforts will be made to connect the new Best Practices to the organization’s Core Values and Mission.

What Will We Learn?

  • How to convert new cognitive skills into daily behaviors
  • How to add value to (and respect for) the organization’s Core Values and Mission
  • How to nurture sustained, long-term change in the workgroup or organization
  • How to bring others into the circle of new behaviors
  • How to create a more engaging workplace

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We have used over a dozen top-notch speakers, and Don has received the highest feedback scores of any of them.

What people get out of Engagient is unique, timely, scientific, and pragmatic. It's not the same old motivational or touchy-feely content – it makes you sit up and say "Wow I need to DO these things!"

I especially appreciate his desire to work within the thematic context of our meetings - it never feels like he is just dropping a cookie-cutter speech into a meeting - he wants it to be a great fit.

--George Hines, Co-Founder
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