Employee Engagement Boot Camp for Leaders

Join Engagient for a one-day intensive dive into the science of employee engagement for managers and other leaders in the organization.

The objective? To give every participant a clear understanding of workplace engagement and what they can do to increase it within their companies.

This isn’t the standard “rah, rah” motivational approach, and you won’t be forced into a ten step program based on some consultant’s notion of what makes the world spin. We stick to empirically proven truths about what governs behavior in the workplace.

If you have a sense that your employees are giving less than their best – and worry about the impact this has on customers and your bottom line – you need to attend this solution-focused, action-oriented boot camp!

Employee Engagement Boot Camp for Leaders

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The following comments are for Engagient's Employee Engagement Seminar for Managers

We were trying to get the buy-in from our Management team, prior to rolling out a new Performance Review Process and move the management style away from the industrial age style in an attempt to get our employees more engaged.  For the last 45 years we have been working under the old world style of management and old habits die hard.  The Engagient seminar on Employee Engagement was exactly what we were looking to install at Perfect Plastic Printing.

Don presented the information with a passion and energy that impacted every participant.  The information presented represented the results of research and science as opposed to just one more consultant’s opinion.  This made the buy-in so much easier.  The combination of instruction and small group exercises kept the class from getting tired and kept the information geared more toward our business as opposed to generalizing information.  Don was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and this was apparent when he answered participant questions.  He kept the conversations light and humorous, but had you believing that getting your employees more engaged is crucial to surviving in business today.  The feedback from the Management team on the seminar was all positive. Don was one of the best presenters that we have experienced at Perfect Plastic Printing.

--Carl Valenti
Director of Facilities
Perfect Plastic Printing
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