High Performance Culture Assessment

Time Effective
Engagient recognizes that both time and resources are in short supply in most organizations. That is why the High Performance Culture Assessment© and its supporting work are purpose built to be time effective. For example, the entire HPCA© process can be completed in two to three days. Employees participating in the HPCA do so from their own offices and complete the online assessment in about 20 minutes. Typically, Engagient has a preliminary results report back to clients within one week and management has a full, actionable executive report within three weeks after that.

Flexibility for all Clients
Engagient offers a flexible approach to how we conduct the HPCA© recognizing that clients have varying degrees of capability and resources to conduct their assessment process. As a result, Engagient works in a variety of flexible modes depending on client needs and resources. For example, this might have Engagient working in a “self service” mode with a large, well resourced client,  or in a “full service” process for a smaller client needing additional resources to do the job right. Our experience is that most clients opt for the full service version in the first assignment and then pick up major portions of the process themselves in the next year.

Getting Started on the Right Foot
Once engaged, Engagient works with you to ensure buy in from all parts of your organization both for the need for an assessment and the support for the process.

A first critical step in the pre-assessment phase is to ensure that there is an executive champion for the process and that a clear project plan is put in place, one that everyone can follow and track as it unfolds.  Second, we commit to present to each of your top leadership team, the managers and all employees.  In these presentations we make it clear why an assessment makes sense and how the process will take place. We also assure all employees of absolute confidentiality, that the results of the survey will be shared with them and that they will be engaged in arriving at the solutions to the issues identified by the assessment. Once that is done, we are ready to gather and assess the employee feedback necessary so that you have pragmatic actionable information about your culture.

Getting the Employee View
Engagient’s proprietary High Performance Culture Assessment© is an online, web based process. It allows employees to respond to the assessment questions quickly and easily right from their own desks. Once the HPCA© is in the field, Engagient opens its secure web site for three working days so employees can input their candid answers and feedback to our simple and straightforward questions, usually in about 20 minutes.  In turn, the leadership team gets organization-wide top line results within five working days.  This report becomes the basis for their consideration and commitment to the rest of the process including decision making and enacting change.

Engaging Employees in the Process
Engagient’s process then engages all leaders in a discussion of the assessment results. To do this, facilitated meetings  are set up to present company-wide results to each team of employees, including a comparison of their team to both the company and to comparable units within the company (for example: a comparison of sales teams in several geographic territories).  These discussions then move on to engage employees in finding solutions to the issues pointed out by the assessment results.

As well, employees consider the company-wide issues raised and the commitments made by senior management to the resolution of those issues that demand company-wide change.

Committing to Enact Change

The outcome of this post assessment communication and engagement process is threefold:
• a company-wide change commitment,
• individual team changes committed to and,
• individual leadership changes or development required to put in place a High Performance Culture.

Engagient’s process is fully focused on putting in place actions and measurable processes that will kick start  the move from the existing  culture to a High Performance Culture; not one-off programs that often fail to gain traction because they are not rigorously tracked and embedded into the  culture as “the way we get things done” at the company.

Inspect What You Expect
Engagient has studied the companies that get the best results from the HPCA© process. It is clear that successful companies commit to measurable action plans for each team. Then, they follow up with monthly accountabilities for the implementation of those changes. In the longer term, the agreed upon action plans are closely monitored with ongoing tracking surveys to make sure the outcomes of the changes are evaluated and are having the desired impact.

High Performance Culture Assessment

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Engagient provided a safe environment for managers to openly share comments, issues and concerns related to the workplace culture and practices. Facilitation and careful probing by Engagient staff provided our managers with the view and challenges facing senior leadership and how managers may be helpful in the process, identifying opportunities to enhance their leadership skills.

The engagement exceeded all expectations.

--Mary LaRowe, President and CEO
St. James Mercy Health
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