If “people drive the numbers”, then what drives the people?

People have a much more common “operating system” than most leadership teams realize. Recent research in the field of neuroscience has given us radically new insights into human behavior. Common needs drive our behavior and the more leadership focuses on those needs the closer they will be to understanding the drivers of employee engagement. The brain is very efficient and very focused; leaving no space or energy for pointless or chaotic behavior.  All human behavior makes sense in context and if we see actions we don’t understand, leadership should demonstrate more on the side of curiosity than incredulity or admonishment. The behavior leadership should be most focused on is the discretionary effort each employee brings to work everyday which they can only volunteer.

If “people drive the numbers”, then what drives the people?

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Engagient has a unique ability to tap into the intellectual process in understanding why and how you fully engage employees.

What we learned now serves as the foundation of many meaningful discussions around fully engaging our employees in achieving our mission and vision. It has also given us a common language that everyone can relate to and use across our entire organization.

The Engagient team is the best.

--Clayton Fitzhugh, CEO
Catholic Health East
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