HiringSmart is knowing who you’re hiring, so you can hire the right fit for your organization. Do you know what defines a top performer in your organization …
someone who is highly engaged and productive, and who fits with your culture? If not, you’re in good company. The senior leaders we speak with tell us they often don’t have a clue how to differentiate poor performers from top performers, especially at the hiring stage.

This is not surprising given that so many organizations still use a traditional résumé-based hiring approach, which simply doesn’t tell them enough about candidates to determine whether they are a good fit for their environment. Yet understanding what makes a good fit is key to understanding what makes an engaged, happy employee.

HiringSmart’s revolutionary on-line, résumé-free hiring process helps you to really understand “who” you’re hiring, so you can learn to better predict “fit” with your organization.

Jan spent more than fifteen years in senior Human Resources positions with a number of leading corporations, including Hilton International Hotels, PepsiCo and Office Depot. Through his work, Jan developed a clear understanding of the issues and challenges people face in the corporate trenches, along with some insights into how he could help organizations work smarter.

As a result in 1998, Jan founded The People Factor – a training and coaching organization that worked with companies to build their organizational capacity, grow their people and improve their bottom line performance. In eight years, he built an impressive client roster across North America, including Nissan Canada, Procter & Gamble, State Farm and Sleep Country Canada. Then in 2006, Jan partnered with Tim Brennan to launch HiringSmart Canada in response to a demand from his clients to improve their bottom line results by changing the way they hire.

Today, Jan is actively involved in the community and he is a leading speaker on leadership and organizational performance issues across Canada. He lives in Oakville, Ontario with his wife and three daughters. His biggest reward is watching the transformation that takes place in organizations as people find their fit.

After spending 13 years at Hostess Frito-Lay where he worked in Sales, Management, IT and Human Resources, Tim developed new insights into the differences between top performers and bottom performers and how to find, hire and keep the best people.

As a result in 1998, Tim founded the Brennan Group of Online Companies, with the goal of helping North American businesses improve their results through better hiring and employee retention processes. In eight years, Tim built a network of over 40 partner companies and hundreds of clients across North America including The UPS Stores, Humpty Dumpty Snackfoods and Westmont Hospitality. Then in 2006, Tim joined forces with Jan van der Hoop to launch HiringSmart – a revolutionary approach to hiring that helps companies change their bottom line results.

Today Tim is a provocative and sought-after speaker on hiring and retention issues. He lives with his wife and their two children in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He says he loves going to work everyday because he never stops discovering new ways to improve the hiring process. Tim truly reserves the right to get smarter.


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After several years of administering an employee satisfaction survey, our company decided to partner with Engagient to measure employee engagement, which are two very different dynamics. Engagient’s processes are clear, direct, thorough and highly effective in gaining insight into how engaged our employees were, at every level.

The high degree of professionalism exhibited by Engagient’s consultants and their depth of knowledge and understanding of employee engagement is unsurpassed. As a result of our employee engagement survey, we have begun taking measures to re-engage our employees at every level of the organization.

--Claudia H. Snyder, Director of Human Resources
Thomco Insurance
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