Hubert Saint-Onge

Specializing in:

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Formulation and execution of surveys on organizational performance
  3. Knowledge, learning and branding strategies
  4. Strategic development of organizational capabilities
  5. Values alignment and culture renewal
  6. Development of leadership teams
  7. Leadership assessment and talent management
  8. Leadership development

About Hubert Saint-Onge

Hubert Saint-Onge is the founder and Principal of SaintOnge Alliance.  In addition to holding key senior management positions in leading companies over the past 25 years, he has developed and refined a “knowledge assets” model to optimize the performance of an organization.  This model strategically integrates business plans with branding, leadership and people management approaches.

International Recognition in Optimizing Performance
Hubert’s client work showcases the extensive experience he accumulated as a senior executive in the oil industry as well as in financial services.  Hubert was recently featured as one of five practitioners around the world who have had the most impact on organizations, based on his work as Senior VP of Strategic Capabilities at Clarica.  During his tenure, the company was also selected as one of the top ten “Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises” in Canada, two years in a row.   At the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), his conceptualization and development of the CIBC Leadership Centre was featured in Fortune magazine as a prime example of accelerated organizational learning.

Experience and Thought Leadership
While he maintains a busy practice a select group of clients, Hubert is a member of the Management Board at S.A Armstrong Ltd and is a member of the Board of Directors of Ganong Chocolates.  For the last three years, he has been Executive-in-Residence at the University of Waterloo where his interest is focused on the Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology.  Recognized by Harvard University for his thought leadership in the field, Hubert was Visiting Scholar at Harvard for in 2005/2006 year. His main areas of focus were organizational learning, knowledge management and leadership development.  The Prime Minister of Canada appointed Hubert to the Board of The Canadian Centre for Management Development between 1995 and 1999. He has given presentations globally on organizational learning, leadership development, and knowledge value creation, and since 2002 has co-authored two leading-edge books in the field.  Following a book he co-authored on communities of practice, the second book he co-authored The Conductive Organization provides a blueprint for creating knowledge-based cultures in organizations to achieve breakthrough performance.  His most recent book “Beyond the Deal” published by McGraw Hill in 2009 focuses on how an organization can best integrate newly acquired businesses.

Partnering to Build Sustainable Performance
Hubert Saint-Onge is first and foremost an in-company practitioner.  He draws on his experience implementing what he recommends to clients.  As a trusted advisor, he is vested in the success of his clients and typically stays involved with them over time.

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Hubert Saint-Onge

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