Vistage U.K. Videos

Don Rheem was invited back to the UK again recently to address Vistage groups throughout Great Britain and his presentation to an all-city meeting in Birmingham was videotaped. A few of his key points on how to create high-performance cultures are presented in the clips below. Don’s science-based approach to understanding how to build workplace environments where employees can thrive is one of the key distinguishing characteristics of Engagient’s approach.

If you are interested in having Don work with your management team, please get in touch with us “HERE” for additional information on our Employee Engagement Boot Camp for Managers.





Vistage U.K. Videos

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Don Rheem was one of the best presenters any of us had ever encountered.

I began to see positive changes within a short time as we started implementing Engagient’s best practices.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and several colleagues expressed a desire to bring him in to work with their organizations.

--Elizabeth Donoghue, Executive Director
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