I’m glad you decided to dig a little deeper into employee engagement. When I joined you talking about the amazing ROI resulting from a focus on Employee Engagement I mentioned a few resources that you could use to keep moving forward.

Ten Laws of Employee Engagement: I promised you a copy of our “Ten Laws” White Paper (we actually list 11). You can find it on this link. /wp-content/uploads/2010/11/toptenlaws1.pdf

Best Practices for Employee Engagement: We also have put together a list of 26 Best Practices you can use to kick-start your own conversation about Employee Engagement internally. Those best practices are now included in the workbook on page 29. They offer a wonderful starting off point.

My Webinar on Employee Engagement: I mentioned a webinar I originally did for Vistage. You can find it at the Engagient link below if you would like to share some of the basic points with members of your leadership team. /podcasts/player.html

If you would like some quick tips, tune in to Engagient Radio here:

Getting the right people into the right jobs: We talked about the importance of using science in the hiring process because there is virtually no correlation between the assessment of a job interviewer and the long-term performance and success of the candidate. The solution is to use a fit-first approach in the process of matching talent with opportunity. The best folks in the business at creating a truly rational, cost-effective (it pays for itself several times over in the first year alone) process is HiringSmart. Their approach will give you the tools to ensure you are staffing your organization with people who are engageable in the first place. Check them out on this link. .

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure: You will remember me saying that several times because I want to encourage you to get a real handle on what Employee Engagement looks like right now in your organization. Do you have any idea how much business value is slipping through your fingers due to lack-luster performance? Do you have any idea what the impact is from disengaged employees on your customers? There are many assessment tools out there so take advantage of them. If you would like to know more about what our tool can do to help you improve a wide range of key business indicators, just drop me a note.

Three Things You Can Do Immediately

Conduct an Employee Engagement Assessment. We have three different packages to fit your needs and budget.

Option 1 – We conduct the assessment with the appropriate workgroups identified so you will get the same detailed report provided in each package. With this option you get the report and a web-based debrief (up to two hours) for your senior management team (SLT). Depending on the number of workgroups you would like covered there is some variance in the cost. In general, the cost would be between $5,000 – $7,000.
Option 2 – This includes all of Option 1 in addition to an on-site debrief of your SLT (increases buy-in, commitment, behavioral change, etc.) for an additional $3,500 (plus travel expenses)
Option 3 – This includes all of Option 1 & 2, but it more closely follows industry Best Practices (more pervasive and positive outcomes) by including a two-hour debrief for each workgroup. After we debrief each workgroup (that includes a frank discussion of the open ended questions and) , we conclude our visit with one more meeting with your SLT to share with them what we learned from the employees. The investment required for option three is highly dependent on the number of workgroups but for a typical company of 100 employees and 10 workgroups we can estimate between $15,000 to $20,000 (plus travel expenses).

If you would like to get your management team a quick jump-start, consider bringing me in for Engagient’s Employee Engagement Boot Camp. Guaranteed to get things moving immediately in your organization.

Worried that your managers aren’t up to speed on the best techniques to nurture and increase employee engagement? Our “Engagement Coaching” workshop gives managers and supervisors proven and practical skills to immediately make the shift to becoming leader-coaches, an essential component of building a felt sense of safety in the workplace that enables employees to get more engaged in their work.

Lastly, if this isn’t too self-serving… you will find some great tips on things to do on my blog. Here are a few recent topics you might find useful:

And remember:

  1. Numbers Drive the Business
  2. People Drive the Numbers
  3. Behavior & Beliefs Drive the People
  4. Emotion Drives Behavior
  5. Survival (safety) and the Need for Safe and Secure Connections Drive Emotions

If you would like to get our updates and tips on how to increase employee engagement, please contact us.


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After several years of administering an employee satisfaction survey, our company decided to partner with Engagient to measure employee engagement, which are two very different dynamics. Engagient’s processes are clear, direct, thorough and highly effective in gaining insight into how engaged our employees were, at every level.

The high degree of professionalism exhibited by Engagient’s consultants and their depth of knowledge and understanding of employee engagement is unsurpassed. As a result of our employee engagement survey, we have begun taking measures to re-engage our employees at every level of the organization.

--Claudia H. Snyder, Director of Human Resources
Thomco Insurance
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